With a colorful plethora of eyeshadow shades, premade and custom made palettes and Hydra Liners, SUVA Beauty is a proud global competitor with retailers in over 20 diverse countries. Such success is attributed to SUVA Beauty’s Founder and CEO, Shaina Azad.

Since SUVA Beauty’s beginnings in early 2015, Shaina aimed to create a brand that represented her cosmetic artistry and personal style. Hence, SUVA Beauty is formulated to be bold, inventive, imaginative, weird and cheeky.

Initially, the plan for SUVA Beauty was to be exclusive for Professional Makeup Artists but people from every swatch of life turned to SUVA Beauty. They wanted a brand that would uphold professional quality while being adaptable to their unique level of skill and expertise. The voices were heard and SUVA Beauty was released to the masses later in 2015.

SUVA Beauty is consistently pushing to redefine and reinvent traditional beauty products. Although SUVA Beauty already has a line of stellar eyeshadows and Hydra Liners, it is in the progress of completing a comprehensive cosmetic line.

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