ivadore (ee-vuh-dohr) is the new cutting-edge Australian natural beauty brand defying the common misconception that natural beauty products do not work as well.
We are committed to using the finest and purest natural ingredients at levels that are guaranteed to produce results. It’s the magic of nature truly harnessed for the skin. ivadore does not use any nasty chemicals, fragrances or preservatives. We are passionate about formulating products that PROTECT-SOOTHE-NOURISH & HYDRATE the skin all while achieving incredible results.

vadore launched with a tanning treatment that sets the standard for all that is to come from the brand. ivadore’s advanced tanning treatment has been carefully developed to eliminate the common issues people have with self-tan treatments. There is no patchiness, streaks, orange tones, offensive odours or difficult to remove stains on clothing and bedding. ivadore’s tanning treatment is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The Tanning Treatment has been featured in New Idea Magazine as “A Natural Tan That Really Works and ‘body+soul’ as one of the best natural tans for the face and body.

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